Undergrad Lab Positions


Our lab typically has a small number (6-8) undergraduates working in the lab. The majority of these students are registered for PSYC 3889/3899, which is listed as "Independent Study." This comprises 3 credits and translates to about 10 hours/week (average) working in the lab.

In PSYC 3889, students are initially trained on various aspects of research so they can assist in behavioral testing, anatomic quantification, and other forms of data collection.

Students that choose to come back to the lab for additional semesters can register for PSYC 3899, and may be granted higher levels of autonomy etc.

Some students -- particularly Honors students or University Scholars working on an Independent Project -- may develop a small study of their own under the supervision of the PI and senior graduate students.

Please note that because of the small number of positions available, they are HIGHLY COMPETITIVE. If you are interested in joining our lab, please complete the application below!
Thanks, Dr. Fitch

Undergraduate Application